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Professional Coaching

Personalised one-on-one coaching, tailored to your business requirements and goals.


Coaching topics

to explore on your coaching journey.

  • Coaching in sales begins by understanding what your goals are, whether you are selling products or services or solutions,

  • Explore the different ways to sell; e.g. 'social selling' through social media, traditional selling using the 'solution selling' technique and story telling, or honing in on your strong negotiating skills with 'persuasive selling' methods.

  • Learn about sales funnels and the correlation with digital marketing.

  • Create your elevator pitch, and translate it to your vision and mission statements for business.

  • Practice your 'fenec fox' skills and get comfortable with really listening to your customer to uncover their pain.

  • Sell with passion, sell with purpose.

  • Let's talk about cross selling and upselling.

  • Become a 'personable professional', people buy off industry leaders and influencers that they like. 

  • Fill your tool belt so that you are best equipped to handle any objection in the Tourism Industry.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane
  • Work out what 'development' means to your business.

  • Whether you are trying to expand your products or services, or develop your business or brand, we can help.

  • Do a business health check to ensure your business is sustainable.

  • Create a business plan together, to create a clear road map for where you are going.

  • Put in place an actionable plan to achieve your goals, and let your coach keep you on track and accountable.

  • Don't have time for 'research & analysis'? that's ok, leave that boring competitor analysis to us! We genuinely enjoy it.

  • Work through your SWOT analysis together to develop your products and services.

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  • Start with understanding the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing, and determine what your needs are.

  • Determine your target market, don't worry - your coach can do all of market the research for you!

  • Get up to speed with AI, how it affects the tourism industry, and how functions like chat GPT can help you in marketing your tourism business.

  • Content, content, content. You need it, and your coach can create it.

  • Let's discuss your brand, or if you don't have one yet - let's create your identity together!

  • Learn about style guides and why they are vital to get right.

  • If you're not sure how to use social media paid ads, including analysing the analytics - don't worry we can help.

  • Ensure you are optimising your website and using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and google ad words effectively.

  • Learn what a digital marketing strategy is, and the 'how, why, when' to implement yours.

  • Need a website? We can help with that too.

  • Contact Us to enquire about a bundled coaching session in sales & marketing, knowing that  'sales and marketing go hand in hand', it just makes business sense.

  • To get the comprehensive coaching offering, you can bundle the sales, marketing and development coaching session to provide the best insight for your businesses future success.

  • Sometimes it's a matter of "you don't know, what you don't know". We get that. Book a free 20 minute Intro Call with us to determine what the best path is on your learning journey.

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