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The DBS Mission

At Diversified Business Skills, our mission is to empower individuals in the tourism industry to achieve their professional goals through personalised coaching and innovative courses. We believe in making upskilling dynamic and enjoyable, offering interactive courses with dedicated support every step of the way. Our flexible and diverse learning options cater to all styles, providing the most current information relevant to the tourism industry. We aim to inspire and motivate individuals interested in tourism and professional development.

Daina Walker

Founder & Director of DBS

Utilising over 20 years of expertise for global tourism and travel corporations, delivering real-time strategies and skill sets to give your company a competitive and sustainable edge.

My passion for the Tourism Industry started during my High-School years, growing up in a small country town I had big dreams to get out and see the world. It was an obvious choice for me to go to University and study a Bachelor of Business in Tourism and once that was complete I took off overseas, with just a back-pack and wide-eyes. I didn't have an itinerary or any accommodation booked, but I managed to make my way around all of the UK, Europe, the UAE and South Africa before returning home to Australia in my early 20's.

This is where my passion and journey to climb the corporate ladder in the tourism and travel industry began.

I worked for global companies like Flight Centre Travel Group in business development and leadership positions, Virgin Australia in business improvement, through to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a Sales Manager and Ignite Travel Group in Product Development, just to name a few.


After achieving all of the successes that I set out to, I decided to further educate myself to become a qualified trainer & assessor. My desire and efforts are now focussed on helping others in the Tourism Industry to become the huge success that they dream to be, by training in the areas that I have expertise in which are sales, marketing, and development.


If you are a tourism professional, looking to develop your skills and knowledge, please get in touch as I would love to help you.

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Daina Walker

Founder of Diversified Business Skills

B.A Business in Tourism.

Cert IV Small Business Management. Cert IV Training & Assessment.

Utilising over 20 years of expertise for global tourism & travel corporations, delivering real-time strategies and skill sets to give your company a competitive and sustainable edge.


Connect with me. 

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What We Do

We educate people entering the tourism industry and upskill those already employed in travel, to diversify their business skills, and become market leaders.

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Who We Help

We help individuals who are travel enthusiasts, tourism businesses and operators and travel management companies.

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How We Help

We create and deliver training programs, in a diverse range of ways catering to all learning styles. We provide personal coaching, online courses, virtual classes, in-person training & workshops.

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How We're Different

What sets us apart is our dedication to incorporating culturally appropriate language and fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates cultural diversity. 

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What We Do
How We're Different
How We Help
Who We Help

Start your learning journey now.

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