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How AI Can Positively Impact Corporate Travel Roles

By now if you work in the corporate travel sector and you read articles, attend seminars or chat with others within your network, you will know some of the ways that AI is currently transforming the corporate travel sector such as enhancing workplace efficiencies and creating more personalisation with bookings, providing strategic insights through reporting, and elevating client relationships through integration with CRM’s.

At Diversified Business Skills, we specialise in developing skill sets for Travel Consultants, Business Development Managers (BDMs), and Account Managers (AMs), and we recognise the positive impact that AI can bring to each of these roles.

Let’s take a further look at some of the most important ways that AI will be able to assist and support TM’s, AM’s and BDM’s in their respective roles.  


Travel Consultants:

1. Personalised Suggestions: AI, integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, analyses traveller profiles to provide highly personalised travel suggestions.

2. Dynamic Pricing Optimisation: By accessing and harnessing dynamic pricing algorithms online, AI optimises costs for clients by offering competitive rates based on real-time market conditions.

3. Streamlined Booking Processes: Automation of routine tasks enables Travel Consultants to navigate booking processes more efficiently, reducing manual workload.

4. Focus on Strategic Aspects: With AI handling routine tasks, Travel Consultants can focus more on the strategic aspects of their role such as using their personal knowledge and skills to provide expert travel advice, contributing to enhanced service delivery.



Business Development Managers:

1. Comprehensive Competitor Analysis: AI can process vast sets of data to offer BDMs insights into market trends, pricing strategies, and service offerings of competitors.

2. Informed Decision-Making: The valuable insights from AI equip BDMs to make informed decisions, stay ahead of industry trends, and refine strategies for outperforming competitors.

3. Enhanced Efficiency: With AI automating data analysis, BDMs can focus on strategic planning and creative initiatives, contributing to the company's growth.


Account Managers:

1. Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: AI, integrated with CRMs, transforms reporting even further than what current reporting system will do - by analysing RAW data to generate more comprehensive reports with patterns, cost-saving opportunities, and travel behaviour insights.


2. Strengthened Client Relationships: In-depth insights provided by AI not only enhance reporting but also strengthen client relationships, positioning Account Managers as strategic partners that add true value.

3. Predictive Analytics: AI's predictive analytics enable Account Managers to anticipate future trends, contributing to proactive decision-making and provides a superior client service experience.

Overall, Account Managers, armed with AI-driven insights, become indispensable partners in optimising corporate travel, offering clients a strategic edge and ensuring long-lasting relationships.

Furthermore, if TMC’s integrate AI in their CRM’s and booking systems for Travel Consultants, they will be able to increase personalisation, cost efficiency, and streamlined processes, so that Travel Consultants can become invaluable contributors to a seamless and tailored travel experience for their clients.

Lastly, if BDM’s are empowered with AI-driven insights, they can be the strategic players in the corporate travel market, making better informed choices in a dynamic market.



Now that you know just a few of the simple ways AI can support these roles, TMC's, Travel Agencies and Tourism Businesses should integrate AI into CRM's, booking systems and reporting tools, then implement this feature and process change into the business plans, and train staff on how to use the tools effectively.  

Diversified Business Skills offers personalised coaching and tailored learning programs to support you on your learning journey with AI.

Contact Us for a Discovery Call to discuss the above PLUS MORE of the many ways that AI can elevate your team's performance, develop business with your clients and build invaluable account management, through our personalised training programs, workshops and personal coaching.

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“Embrace the future of corporate travel with AI and Diversified Business Skills – where innovation meets expertise”.

Daina Walker

Founder, Diversified Business Skills.


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