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Why we need to upskill Travel Consultants in Sales in 2024.

Since the COVID pandemic, many travel retail stores closed down down due to the freeze on travel. Since the doors have opened, new Travel Consultants in the Tourism and Travel Industry have been employed who need to now “Learn to Sell”. In some cases existing Travel Consultants have even ‘forgotten how to sell’ due to no fault of their own - just from simply being so quiet for so long. Many have become “order takers” instead, who take inbound hot enquiry, and lose it because they forget how to simply qualify leads.  Some Travel Consultants aren’t lasting very long in their role, as they aren’t earning enough commission due to lack of experience in selling, costing tourism business owners approx. $23,000 each time they need to find, hire and train new staff. 

We need to ignite the passion back into the travel and tourism industry, and upskill our travel teams to convert more sales and earn more money for themselves and for the travel company, which reduces staff turnover, by increasing job satisfaction and revenue overall. 

Understanding that Travel Consultants can't be out of the office for too long, short online courses are ideal for training and upskilling, as they can learn the essential skills within just a couple of hours, or in a matter of days, depending on how much knowledge is required and whether learning activities and assessments are involved.

Online learning provides flexibility, in that some Travel Consultants can have the option to study outside of their working hours if neccessary, and being that the courses are kept at a minimal length they are also innexpensive for tourism businessess and corporate travel companies.

"Learn to Sell" is an online short course for tourism travel consultants and travel managers, who want to seriously develop their sales skills in a rapid time. 

Over the course of just 3 days, ‘Learn to Sell’ will provide an in-depth overview of the foundations of selling, with a focus on providing superior customer service, understanding how to qualify leads and convert them to wins, including upselling & cross-selling products and services. 

The end result - is higher sales and increased job satisfaction for Travel Consultants. 

As a business owner / operator or travel company manager - you will have higher staff retention, which equals less staff acquisition costs, saving you money all while seeing increased sales from your travel team, for overall business profits. 

Learn to Sell is available in 2024, REGISTER YOUR INTEREST with us and we will notify you of the start date when it becomes available.

If this doesn't sound exactly what you are looking for right now, that's ok!

We can tailor training programs to suit, and ensure that the most relevant information is included within your course so that you are not wasting time learning information that is not required.

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Learn to Sell Brochure 2023
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