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My Journey

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Daina Walker - Founder of Diversified Business Skills (DBS Learning).

Travelling and exploring the world has always been a passion and still is.

I grew up in the country, in a small coastal town in Victoria AU.

Living in a small country town, I had big dreams to get out and see the world from a very young age.

I started having an interest in business during High-School, and I also knew that I wanted to travel so it made sense for me to go on to University to study a Bachelor of Business in Tourism.

After completing this I took off overseas, with my passport, mobile phone and backpack. That's literally it - I didn't have an itinerary or any accommodation bookings made. I had no idea where I would stay or what I would do but with a 2-year working visa and a pocketful of cash I was determined to explore as much of the world as I could. And that I did! I worked in the UK in mostly bars and restaurants as most backpackers do, earning just enough money to pay for my tickets to travel throughout the UK, Europe, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates and after a long and most adventurous 2 years I returned to Australia. It was nice to be home.

And that's where my passion for the Tourism Industry started and my journey to climb the corporate ladder in this industry began. I worked for global companies like Flight Centre Travel Group in business development and leadership positions, Virgin Australia in business improvement, through to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a Sales Manager and Ignite Travel Group in Product Development, just to name a few...


So what's next?

After 20+ years in the Tourism Industry in the corporate sector and having achieved all of the successes that I set out to, I decided to further educate myself to become a qualified trainer & assessor. My desire is to coach others in the Tourism Industry to become the huge success that they dream to be, by training in the areas that I have expertise in which are sales, marketing, and development. If you are a tourism professional, looking to develop your skills and knowledge, please get in touch as I would love to help you!

Get in touch!

Check out my range of online courses, supplement it with a one-one-one coaching session, or bundle the coaching & courses for the most comprehensive learning. Head over to - Coaching or Courses.


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